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Meaning of proactive: “Acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty”.

OSTech Proactive support is meant to take action 

After an environment and/or site audit, OSTech can propose a Strategic Plan for your organisation to tackle problems before they occur, before we need Reactive Maintenance (fighting fires).

  1. The OSdesk Managed Services platform performs regular maintenance checks on almost ALL networking infrastructure within your organisation.
  2. Organise staff training sessions on IT systems, making sure a support process is followed and all staff receive the optimum support available and time of resolution of problems.
  3. Set upgrade dates throughout each month and throughout each year, where all software and firmware updates can be applied to your core infrastructure.
  4. Even without full Managed Services, you can ask OSTech to integrate monitoring software into your network on an "A La Carte" basis, that way you'll know and be notified whenever something goes wrong or goes offline.
  5. OSTech Proactive support keeps a log of all issues that occur on your environment, with the OShelp ticketing system logging tickets for each major problem which requires human intervntion or decision making. These can be used to review trends of problems over time.

At OSTech, we've been able to move many companies fromthe "Reactive" stage of IT support to "Proactive".

To ensure our Proactive model works consistently to customer satisfaction, we have:

  • A state-of-the-art helpdesk system called OShelp, that offers in-depth reporting and provides clear updates to the client.
  • OSmon monitoring tools which keep a close eye on all things occurring within networks.
  • Detailed strategic plans to assist you with understanding the direction of your network AND assist in budgeting.
  • Fixed monthly rates with UNLIMITED remote support during OSTech business hours.
  • Pre-paid support agreements to help you save more money.

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Liverpool, NSW 1871